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Acoustic Technology Is The Most Intensive Cooling On The Market.

Due To Aef+Aero Technology, Cooling Occurs Two Times Faster.

Using Aef Technology You Can Cool Products Even Two Times Faster.

Total Intensive Cooling 4 Times Faster!

The Cost Of The Camera Is Not Higher Than Usual.

The Aef+Aero System Guarantees Performance.

Ready meals need to be cooled quickly after cooking to stop the cooking process. And a long stay in a warm state leads to increased growth of bacteria.

Usually it is necessary to cool from the end of cooking temperature (+65°C to +90°C) to a stable state temperature of +5°C. It is at this temperature that the development of most pathogenic bacteria stops.

For this purpose, there are intensive (shock) cooling chambers. The speed of cooling depends on two factors - the temperature in the chamber and the intensity of the air flow. The AEF+AERO uniform airflow system guarantees the same cooling rate for all loaded products.

Let's look at these factors in detail:

1. Temperature in the chamber –

The lower the air temperature in the chamber, the faster the cooling.

The standard temperature in the cooling chambers is about +2°C to +5°C.

If the temperature in the chamber is set to negative, the outer part of the product will freeze. Everything that is frozen will then thaw and lose taste and moisture. Freezing in a conventional intensive cooling chamber is under no circumstances acceptable.

How is acoustic cooling different?

With it, it is possible to cool products in the chamber at negative air temperatures. 3-5 mm of products around the perimeter will freeze under such conditions. But, since AEF technology is used, the product after defrosting returns to its original condition and quality. No loss of moisture.

We can use temperatures of - 15°C and even lower for cooling.

If this temperature is used, cooling will occur twice as fast, as can be seen in the first graph.

After the intensive cooling chamber AEF, the product is placed in a storage chamber at +5°C, while the frozen part is defrosted without loss of quality.

2. Air flow intensity.

We provide this with a special intensive cooling chamber device. It's not just a room with an evaporator mounted on top. This is a wind tunnel configured to cool hot foods. In a typical intensive cooling chamber, the air flow speed is only 0.2 m/s.

The AEF+AERO system provides a flow rate of 3.0 m/s. The air speed is 15 times higher than in a conventional chamber. The thermodynamic formula of air heat exchange gives acceleration of cooling by more than 2 times.

Having both AEF and AEF+AERO systems at the same time, you can speed up the cooling of ready-made dishes up to four times.

If you use only the AEF+AEF system (and cooling at positive temperatures +00C-+10C), then you will get a twofold acceleration in cooling. Ultra-intensive airflow prevents freezing of products, which can occur in conventional chambers due to supercooled air from the evaporator, which reaches only part of the product.

3. Uniformity of air flow in AEF+AERO and its absence in a conventional intensive cooling chamber.

Посмотрим на стандартную камеру интенсивного охлаждения в поперечном разрезе:

On this slide you can see the uneven air flow rates in a standard cooling chamber. Different colors indicate different wind speeds at different points in the camera.

The redder the color, the higher the air flow speed.

But even the presence of a false ceiling (which is rarely used) does not lead to the same blowing speed. It is so different that the product is cooled in one part of the chamber three times worse than in the other. But you cannot complete the refrigeration cycle until all products have cooled. You will have to wait until the whole batch has cooled. And this is up to three times longer than in a chamber where the airflow occurs evenly.

AEF has technology for calculating air flows in intensive cooling chambers and using a powerful active fan system. Computer modeling and optimization guarantees the accuracy of calculations and obtaining the desired cooling rate for ready-made dishes. We use algorithms and technologies used in the aerospace industry for calculations.

To obtain the correct aerodynamics of the camera, we also use a system of aero body kits, deflectors and a special dynamic mode of operation of the fan system. By constantly redirecting air flows, we eliminate the appearance of stagnation zones, which are necessarily present in conventional cooling chambers. Only if there are no stagnation zones do you have a guarantee of cooling the entire loaded batch.

How to compare our offer with competitors?

It's very simple. Only AEF is ready to include in the contract the technical parameters of the intensive cooling chamber, both in terms of cooling speed and in guaranteeing that this speed will be maintained throughout the entire volume of the chamber. And bear financial responsibility for it. Upon delivery of the project, we conduct a joint audit with the client using a set of temperature loggers to confirm our contractual obligations.

Our competitors do not have the necessary scientific and technological level to make such calculations and be responsible for the results.

We will be happy to provide you with our calculations and commercial offer. To do this, please fill out a short form so that we have the necessary information for a preliminary calculation of your intensive cooling chamber.

The application form can be downloaded in Word format at the bottom of this page.

Please send it to our email:

Download the form for ordering the AEF intensive cooling chamber:


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