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 AEF 12/1-EU

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The best in the market freezing cabinet with a freezing capacity 10 kg / h. 


Only this freezer has built-in internationally patented technology of acoustic freezing — AEF. It gives the quality of frozen ready meals exactly the same as of fresh ones. 

You buy a freezer with AEF and get what you cannot get in any other commercial freezers:

  • Doubling the shelf life of frozen food without reducing the quality.

  • Reducing drip loss three times and more. Down to zero in most cases.

  • Improving taste of ready meals and meat products. AEF makes your frozen food more tasty!

  • Twice quicker freezing than in any other quick freezers.

  • Automatic calculation of freezing/cooling time.

  • The largest in the market number of functions in one freezing cabinet:

  • Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) (from +5°C to -18°C)

  • Quick Cooling (from +90°C to  +5°C)

  • Quick Cooling+Quick Freezing  (+90°C  >  +5°C  >  -18°C)

  • Air defrosting of frozen food (from -18°C to +5°C)

  • Taste Enhancement

  • Tenderising of injected product 

Design and features

  • AEF equipment uses acoustic waves to control the growth of ice crystals (patent FI 129124 B), preventing texture damage and chemical deterioration. AEF technology select own digital set of acoustic waves for each type of product. It preserves food ingredients and maintains the taste, texture, and color of food.

  • After freezing food in AEF-12, it can be stored in a conventional freezer for up to one year (below -18°C)

  • LCD touchscreen provides intuitive «Easy Freezer» interface

  • 27 special AEF programs for freezing different types of food

  • included 12x EN 400x600 mm trays

  • STABILAIR is our excellent airflow system. Up to three times quicker freezing speed for cakes and ready meals! Up to two times quicker for fish and steaks!

Convent Cabinet.jpg

Old air distribution style. 35% of non-freeze deep blue zones. 50% reduced productivity

AEF Cabinet.jpg

New «STABILAIR» style. No non-freeze zones. All food in green zones. 97% freezing efficiency.


Quality level

  • Superior product made in EU in factory with 30 year experience.

  • Body made of premium stainless steel AISI 304

  • CFC-free polyurethane insulation


AEF freezing

  • Acoustic (AEF) Freezing from +5°C to -18°C with speed up to 40 mm per hour (vacuum package or no package).

Cooling and AEF CoolByFreeze option

  • Hight speed cooling prevent overcooking of hot food.

  • Optionally can be installed software for AEF «CoolByFreeze with cooling air temperature -15°C. This technology increase twice cooling speed and can prevent overcooking of sensitive meals.  This is only possible in freezers with an AEF system installed.



  • Outer net dimensions W x D x H: 770 mm x 950 mm x 1.700 mm


Warranty and support

  • 24 months warranty

  • on-line support (30 days from the date of commissioning)

Transportation cost, VAT (if applicable) and customs clearance (if applicable) are not included in the price. 



  • Materials comply with European food safety standards

  • Manufactured in accordance with relevant hygiene and safety standards

  • CE marking as proof of conformity with EU regulatory standards


Technical data


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