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AEF Blast Freezer Cont model A-20/2-AEF



In FoodTech500 worldwide ranking since 2020.

AEF is the technology for food industry to make frozen food that tastes fresh. AEF equipment generates acoustic waves for regulation of ice crystals growing and prevention chemical destruction. The structure of ingredients of food remains intact. Food cells are preserved as well as taste, texture and color of products.

AEF is based on crystal growth technologies developed in various industries. Multidisciplinary approach allowed AEF specialists to transfer the achievements to Food Industry and apply them to food freezing.

AEF technology provides nano-crystallization of ice and due to this, long-term storage of products. Not only the cell walls, but also the nuclei are not damaged. There is no protein dehydration. The nutritional composition and taste of products are fully preserved! The quality of products after AEF freezing is confirmed by numerous scientific studies of research institutions. Links to up-to-date data are available on our website.

The AEF Container is designed for high quality and high speed freezing of various food products for further storage at the temperature of -18°C and below in a conventional cold chain.

The container includes two Magnum Plus freezing units made by ThermoKing Corp. and AEF-AERO system for optimizing air flows inside the freezing chamber.

Specs AEF Blast Freezer Container model A-20/2-AEF:

Freezing capacity in 24 hours*

*Depends on thermal properties of food, package, ambient temperature

Up to 2 t/24H with 2 ThermoKing Magnum Plus

Power requirement in freezing mode, kW

12 kW

Starting power

20 kW



Type of current

Alternating, three phase



Inrush current

2 or 3 х 32A

Air temperature range inside the freezer, °С

+21 … - 35 °С

Output temperature of a frozen product, °С

-18 °С

Ambient temperature, °С

+5 … +30 °С

Refrigerant type


Number of double rack trolleys for 600mm x 400mm trays


Net dimensions, m

2.44 W * 6.10 L * 2.59 H

Net weight, kg



10 years

EXW Plovdiv (Bulgaria) price:

EUR 110,000 with two Magnum+ units.


  • Magnum+ freezing units made by ThermoKing Corp.;

  • Maritime 20ft steel container body (for marine transportation additional certification is required). Quality level of body «One way»;

  • 30 AEF freezing programs, basic software license;

  • Rack trolleys and stainless steel trays (AISI 304), ramp for the trolleys

  • on-line support (14 days from the date of commissioning).

Transportation, loading, unloading. VAT (if applicable) and customs clearance (if applicable) is not included in the price.

Readiness for shipment: 95 days (estimated).

Payment terms: 70% advance payment;

20% upon readiness, before shipping;

10% after commissioning.

Warranty: Full 12 months warranty for the container, starting from the commissioning date.

Warranty is voided in case of unauthorized opening of AEF module, cost of repair in such case € 5,000.

Supply kit includes:

  • AEF Container with Ice Processor and AEF-AERO system

  • Magnum+ freezing units

  • Rack trolleys and trays, stainless steel (AISI 304)

  • Ramp for the trolleys

  • User manual

  • Technical data sheet

WARNING: It is strictly prohibited to open AEF module, to measure its technical parameters, reverse engineering. In case of unauthorized opening of a freezer's AEF module, warranty voids and the buyer shall pay EUR 5000 fee.


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