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AEF Freezer AEF-12/1-EU


In FoodTech500 worldwide ranking since 2020.

AEF is the technology for food industry to make frozen food that tastes fresh. AEF equipment generates acoustic waves for regulation of ice crystals growing and prevention chemical destruction. The structure of ingredients of food remains intact. Food cells is preserved as well as its taste, texture and color.

The AEF-12 freezer is designed for high quality and high speed freezing of various food products for further storage at the temperature of -18°C and below in a conventional cold chain.

Two newest features of freezing cabinet first in the market!

STABILAIR is excellent airflow system. Up to three times quicker freezing speed for cakes and ready meals! Up to two times quicker for fish and steaks!

Located between walls of cabinet acousters generates the acoustic waves inside food. Two special fans provides stable air speed in all food area.

EXW Plovdiv (Bulgaria) price EUR 19,900


  • Freezing equipment, stainless steel body (AISI 304), made in the EU;

  • 30 AEF freezing programs, basic software licence;

  • 12 stainless steel trays (AISI 304);

  • 24 months warranty;

  • on-line support (30 days from the date of commissioning);

  • LCD touchscreen.

Transportation, VAT (if applicable) and customs clearance (if applicable) is not included in the price. Price of hardware EUR 16,600, basic software licence EUR 3,300

Readiness for shipment: 30 - 45 days (estimated).


AEF 12 LAB extended hardware for basic cabinet: EUR 1,800

AEF LAB software licence for extra programs: Defrosting, Tenderising, Taste Enhancement: EUR 1,650

Specs AEF Blast Freezer AEF-12/1-EU:

Freezing capacity in 24 hours

Up to 350 kg

Product load

36 kg, 115 litres

Power consumption in freezing mode, kW/h


​Max. energy consumption in 24 hours

48 kWh


230 V

Type of current

Alternating, single phase


50 Hz

Inrush current


Usable volume, cubic meters


Air temperature range inside the freezer, °С

+ 90 … - 35 °С

Output temperature of a frozen product, °С

​-18 °С

Ambient temperature, °С

+ 5 … + 30 °С

Average freezing time*, minutes

*from +5 °С to -18 °С average temperature inside a product at +24 °С ambient temperature. Depends on thermal properties of food, package, ambient temperature, on average 2 cm per hour for an unpackaged product

240 min

Refrigerant type


Number of racks for 600 x 400 mm trays (75 mm between trays)


Net dimensions, mm

760 W * 950 L * 1735 H

Net weight, kg

170 kg

Automatic continuation of work after temporary break downs of electricity



10 years

Supply kit includes:

  • AEF Freezer with LCD touch screen;

  • Package on a pallet;

  • 12 trays, stainless steel (AISI 304);

  • User manual;

  • Technical data sheet for compressor, condenser, etc.

WARNING: It is strictly prohibited to open AEF module, to measure its technical parameters, reverse engineering. In case of unauthorized opening of a freezer's AEF module, warranty voids and the buyer shall pay EUR 5000 fee.

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