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AEF mobile solution based on 40 FT container

AEF introduces a mobile solution for freezing food based on a 40-ft container.

Let's take frozen berries as an example. The container is installed at the place where berries are picked.

Picked berries are loaded onto rack trolleys with trays.

The trolleys are rolled into the tambour using an elevator, then the trolleys are moved to the AEF freezing chamber.

The freezing process begins when the freezing chamber is fully loaded. The chamber contains 6 trolleys, that is 120 kg of berries.

After freezing is finished, the trolleys are rolled out into the tambour, the berries are repacked into boxes and placed in the storage chamber.

After the storage room is full, a truck drives up and unloads all the boxes through the back door and takes them out.

Let's look inside of the container.

The freezing chamber is equipped with two THERMO KING units and has a capacity of 2-3 tons per day.

It is equipped with the AEF Aero system for optimization of air flows and the AEF system which crushes ice crystals.

The storage warehouse is also equipped with a THERMO KING module to hold 3 tons of products.

Gentle acoustic freezing at a place of harvesting with the AEF mobile solution allows to preserve berries in maximum quality.


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