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Iberian Cooked Ham frozen in AEF container in Spain

We're excited to present a great use case of Acoustic Extra Freezing technology: premium Iberian cooked ham is being frozen in AEF containers for exporting overseas.

Why is this a game-changer?

🔹 Extended Shelf Life: AEF technology ensures the ham remains fresh and delicious after thawing over several months of storage (instead of just one month for a chilled product), making it perfect for international markets.

🔹 Zero Food Waste: The innovative freezing method preserves the quality and taste, eliminating the risk of spoilage and reducing food waste.

🔹 No Drip Loss: Traditional freezing results in drip loss, but with AEF containers, the ham retains its texture and flavor, maintaining its high quality from the producer to the consumer.

This advancement not only supports the global distribution of premium meat products but also aligns with sustainability goals by minimizing waste and optimizing resource use.


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