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  • Gain a competitive advantage by selling pieces of fruit, whole berries, smoothies and juices in their original flavour.

  • To differ fundamentally in quality from other suppliers of similar frozen products.

  • Expand the geographical capabilities of sales while maintaining the original flavour and quality of products.


1. Gain a competitive advantage by selling pieces of fruit, whole berries, smoothies, and juices of original flavour.

Fruits and berries are a known source of a substantial number of vitamins and an indispensable attribute of a healthy diet. In many countries, due to geographic location, there are a limited number of fruits and berries growing nationally, and their season of ripening is rather short.

Fruits imported from overseas belong to the following categories:

- Expensive products delivered by plane. This is how we receive exotic fruits and berries in the off-season. Their shelf life is very short, they spoil quickly, and because of that it is very inconvenient to work with them. They have a high percentage of write-offs and as a consequence a very high price.

- Cheaper products delivered by sea in a container in an extremely unripened condition, and as demand arises, these fruits "ripen" in special chambers. As an example, such products include bananas and mangoes.

Thus, all delivery methods of fruits and berries in the off-season can not provide acceptable prices with good quality.

Acoustic Freezing can partially facilitate access to fresh, seasonal fruits, berries and freshly squeezed juices to the consumer anywhere in the world, at any time of the year.

We are not talking about freezing any fresh fruits and berries while in season, storing them further in freezer warehouses, then defrosting and selling the defrosted products as fresh.

Instead, at the ripening site, the fruits are washed, peeled and cut into pieces and/or slices, then frozen using the AEF process. Berries are frozen whole. This kind of product can be added without thawing, to hot porridge for example, or made into smoothies by putting fruits and berries into a blender and adding water or juice. At the same time, it should be noted that our technology does not yet allow obtaining good results when defrosting apples, bananas and pears.

When used as a smoothie, freshly squeezed juice or in porridge, they do not differ from fresh ones in taste.

Fresh juices, on the other hand, are made where and when the fruit ripens, using a homogeniser to blend the pulp particles and liquid in them.

2. Quality is completely different from other suppliers of similar frozen products.

When freezing similar products, manufacturers mistakenly consider the speed of freezing as an indicator of quality. Everywhere they say that the faster you freeze, the fewer crystals, less cell destruction, etc.

At the same time, no one discusses flavour, and this deteriorates rather quickly.

Any berries or pieces of fruit blast-frozen in a month, two at most, loose taste and smell.

There are two reasons for this, the first is physical.

How this happens can be clearly seen in the video:

Crystals grow from the surface to the core of the product, tearing the cells, while forming channels through which the inside of the air penetrates, making the product weathered and dry.

The second reason is chemical.

Inside any product there is moisture, which in addition to water itself, contains many impurities, including salts, amino acids, etc.

When water freezes, it pushes out salts, which form a fairly concentrated salt solution inside the product. This solution denatures the proteins, and the product loses flavour and becomes sour. In this case, it does not matter how quickly you froze the product. This process always happens, with any method of freezing, even if you were to put berries in liquid nitrogen.

This does not happen when utilising AEF Acoustic Extra Freezing technology. We've learned to successfully combat this process, and have ensured that the original, fresh flavour of our frozen berries, fruit slices and freshly squeezed juices remains for at least a year.

3. Expand the geographical capabilities of your product sales without loss of quality.

To expand the geographical capabilities of product sales while gaining a competitive advantage due to the preservation of original taste, without much increase in costs, is the dream of any manufacturer/supplier. Using our technology, you can transport your products anywhere in the world, in frozen form within a conventional freezer. The lifetime of your products in frozen form will be at least a year. Fruit slices, berries and freshly squeezed juices frozen with AEF technology, due to their original taste and acceptable prices are in high demand among customers, bound to become sales leaders.


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